Black 3D Printing Binder

Black 3D Printing Binder


Elite Inks


The all-new CP-316 Color binder has been rigorously tested with powder-based 3D Printers. This product is alcohol-free, and has a shelf life of over one year. Our binders will double the service life of your print heads up to 2000ml per head, and work just as well as OEM binders.

Product Details:

One 1-liter bottle of Black binder.

Tested with: HP10, HP11 and HP57 print heads.


This binder has been tested on a Zcorp 510 printer. To refill a cartridge with this binder, the bag must be removed, filled with the binder and put back into the cartridge.

This binder is not to be mixed with other OEM binders.

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