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Impecable Performance

Digital Sign Technologies has been delivering alternative printing consumables for the past 15 years. It pioneered printing inks for wide-format printers, cartridge chip solutions, bulk ink feeding systems, and print head recovery systems.

Elite Inks supplies products made with the highest quality ingredients, specially fabricated for the utmost in perfection and performance for InkJet and Powder-based 3D Printers. Alternative products to OEM materials, we strive to produce materials that exceed OEM in quality, at a fraction of their cost.

Our Printer Collections Include: HP 8000sHP 9000sSeiko 64s / Oce CS6060Seiko V64 / W64Mimaki JV3Mimaki JV33Mimaki CJV30Mimaki JV5Mimaki JF & UJFMutohRolandArizona T220 UVVutekNUR ExpedioZcorp & ProJet 3D printers

Elite Inks is a brand by Digital Sign Technologies Inc.

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