CP-316 Color Binder: 4 Pack

CP-316 Color Binder: 4 Pack


Elite Inks


Take your printing to the next level by fully customizing your 3D models. Explore new possibilities with many different color options, all at your fingertips with the 4 Multi-Color Pack.

Each color also sold separately.

This product is alcohol-free, and has a shelf life of over one year. It also works as an OEM binder.

Product Details: 4 Different Colors - Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black CP-316 color binder. Each bottle is 1 liter.

Tested with: HP10, HP11 and HP57 Print Heads

Note: This binder has been tested on a Zcorp 510 printer. Cartridges still can be refilled with this binder: the bag must be removed, filled with the binder and put back into the cartridge.

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