Seiko 64s / HP9000s Print Head Alignment Tool

Seiko 64s / HP9000s Print Head Alignment Tool


Elite Inks

This print head alignment tool helps you align the print heads of your Seiko 64s, HP 9000s or Oce CS6060 machine. Though it looks simple compared to the OEM tool, it's just as functional and it gets the job done. 

  • Loosen the 2 screws holding a print head down on the carriage plate, so that the head could move.
  • Insert the head alignment tool into the 2 holes in front of the print head. The tip of the tool will get into the V-shaped cutout on the print head. Make sure the tool is sitting tightly without a backlash.
  • Push the print head against the tool.
  • Tighten the 2 screws to fix the print head, at the same time making sure that the long edge of a print head is parallel to the edge of the slot in the carriage plate.
  • Use a small flat screwdriver to pop the head alignment tool out.
After you've done aligning all 6 print heads, perform soft alignment procedures on your printer.

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