Print Head Storage and Intermediate Fluid

Print Head Storage and Intermediate Fluid


Elite Inks


Print Head Flushing

Designed to absorb moisture and a great variety of chemicals, this slow-drying fluid is the perfect solution for flushing, storing and shipping of inkjet print heads. We recommend using this fluid when switching the cleaning solutions in Print Head Doctor head recovery machines, to prevent unwanted chemical reactions between the solutions inside a machine or a print head.

Print Head Storage

The long-term print head storage has always been a problem in the inkjet industry. Any solvent-based or water-based flushing solution tends to evaporate over time, leaving the print head nozzles to dry. A dry print head won't print well, as it will have deflected or missing nozzles. This slow-drying fluid was designed to solve this problem.

If you are planning to store your print head for a long time, you must prevent the Print Head Storage fluid from leaking out of it by plugging the ports of a print head and sealing the nozzles with a polyethylene film.

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