Roland Cartridge 440mL with Eco-Solvent Ink

Roland Cartridge 440mL with Eco-Solvent Ink


Elite Inks

This is the only solution for Roland on the market that works! All other alternative inks cause too much nozzle drop-outs. This is the NEXT GENERATION Eco-solvent ink that has proven to be very reliable and dependable. The ink features nano pigment which completely eliminates print head clogging. The pigment particles are ground to nano sizes (average particle is 50nm) and are kept in a perfect suspension that prevents the pigment particles from sticking to each other. Our proprietary ink degassing and packaging technology makes sure the ink performs better than the original one. 

You don't need to change anything on your printer or your RIP. This ink is an exact match of Roland Eco-Sol Max ink in color and it can be mixed with it. Just insert these cartridges and keep on printing with an amazing quality.

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