Mutoh: Bulk Ink System

Mutoh: Bulk Ink System


Mutoh: Bulk Ink System Mutoh: Bulk Ink System

Elite Inks

The only professional bulk ink system for Mutoh printers

We are offering a truly unique bulk system for Mutoh printers and the Mutoh clones by Agfa, Xerox, Oce and Fujifilm. We provide a complete kit including a smart card charger (ChipCharger) with blank smart cards that can be programmed for any color in a matter of seconds.

Our bulk system has an automatic level control inside the refillable cartridges, with the level adjustment feature, smart card connector on the cartridges, stop valves and a heavy-duty bottle tray.

Warning: The refillable cartridges of this bulk system are designed to work in a horizontal position only. Do not attempt using them on printers with vertical cartridges, as it will cause ink leak inside the printer. Turn the cartridge slots 90° into a horizontal position before installing this bulk system.

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